Call Center System Developments and Other Developments,Call Center Operation in Local Cities "CTI Information Center Co. Ltd.

Cost Cutting by Utilizing Low Cost Local Call Center

Our Call Center Services Include:
Total solutions for your promotional marketing.

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We can offer you effective call center marketing promotions working together with your TV and Newspaper advertising strategy.

Inbound Call Center Operation

Process sales orders and handle customer service request

Working together with your TV shopping advertising, Newspaper, Magazine and Radio promotion -total customer service architecture : handling telephone, e-mail and fax communication.

Match with your needs

Flexible allocation of experienced and highly skilled operators.

Consistent, high quality service

Cost Cutting by Utilizing Low Cost Local Call Center
  • Answer/Call Ratio is 97% (Exclusive contract)
  • Low turn over of operators
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Outbound Call Center Operation

Life insurance, collection calls, sales and marketing.

Rental Call Center with Service Operation Contract Viable solution

your low cost call center operation. As the number of highly skilled supervisors and operators can be flexibly assigned, you can run your sales promotion whenever you want - certain month of the year, certain day of the week, even certain time of the day. This gives you the maximum flexibility and the lowest cost for your call center needs.

Rental Call Center Facilith in Lical Cities.

You can lower your cost even more by directly hiring local operators. We can dispatch experienced operators to your facility, too.

Sales and Acquisition of Local Call Centers (M&A, Transfer of Operation)

Creation of Call Center Operation Systems in Local Cities

Cost Cutting by Utilizing Low Cost Local Call Center Development of a tailor-made call center operation systems, including recruitment and training of operators.

Company Profile

Development Partner: NTT DATA CORPORATION(VAR)

Partnership with Local Government

Ehime Prefecture: Opened our first call center (Uwajima) in March 2005 by partnering with Ehime Prefecture Government, under "Measure to Attract Information & Telecommunication Related Business Development"

System Development Customers

  • Government offices; Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office
  • Local governmen; Chiyoda-ku Ward Office
  • Financial institutions; Bank of Japan,Tokyo Tomin Bank Group


  • Call Center System Developments and Other Developments
  • Call Center Operation in Local Cities
    Using our "Small Scale Call Center Structure Scheme" which we developed through our long term experience in developing call center systems, we can provide low cost, high quality call center services by recruiting qualified call center staff in local cities where resources are abundant.
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